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Monnalisa S.p.A is founded in 1968 by Mr Piero Jacomoni and his wife Mrs Barbara Bertocci who are respectively President and Chief Designer of the company. Later on, Monnalisa S.p.A. becomes a group of 5 satellite enterprises all located in Arezzo, in the heart of Tuscany, the cradle of Made in Italy as well as of strong artistic and cultural traditions.


Since the beginning Monnalisa focuses on the creation of girlswear in the age group 3 month-16 years with the distinguishing feature of an innovative and creative styling. Monnalisa brand is the result of a continuous search for the last fashion trends and new materials as well as a special care for details and quality.


Monnalisa philosophy is based on the unique combination of entrepreneurship (innovation, new markets search, original styling) and particular attention to the development of the company's resources and competences. The company investments in R & D (above all in the Styling Area), quality control and logistics, specific training courses to develop the know-how of each collaborator and, in the marketing area, implementing market studies and suitable distribution strategies are all evidences of this strategy.


High level of service is made possible by the use of modern quality standard techniques, including entrepreneurial ethics, and by a transparent accounting process. Monnalisa S.p.A. is certified ISO-9001, which helps the company to verify its structure and processes, fully oriented to the customer satisfaction.

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