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Free shipping and returns!

Fall Winter

The fall/winter fashion collection for little boys is warm and comfortable, inspired to the nature colours and vintage inspired items, copied from daddy’s wardrobe, but downplayed with humorous details. A selection of garments and accessories for little boys and teens with refined fabrics, studied lines, comfortable and warm items. Getting dressed has never been this much fun.

Hitch-Hiker Adventure Boy I

From: 43.50€

To: 258.00€

Hitch-Hiker Adventure Boy II

From: 29.50€

To: 353.00€

Hitch-Hiker Adventure Boy III

From: 31.50€

To: 449.50€

Hitch-Hiker Adventure Boy IV

From: 31.50€

To: 345.00€

Hitch-Hiker Elegant Trouper I

From: 28.00€

To: 328.50€

Hitch-Hiker Elegant Trouper II

From: 57.00€

To: 466.00€

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