Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!

Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!

Be Glam

Light, what a passion! Glitter, rhinestones, bezels. Our little princesses shine with the line of fashionable and glamorous clothing for young and older girls signed Monnalisa. We have dedicated care and passion to give life to very glamorous clothing, with multi-layer tulle and glitter, rhinestone applications full of brilliance and embroideries with irresistible points of light.

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Tank top with sequins

Regular Price: 145.18€

Special Price 87.84€

Wool gloves with pom poms

Regular Price: 71.98€

Special Price 43.92€

Poplin blouse with a logo

Regular Price: 120.78€

Special Price 76.86€

Lycra tights with a logo

Regular Price: 35.38€

Special Price 21.96€

Sequin jacket

Regular Price: 279.38€

Special Price 167.14€

Jersey top with eco-leather details

Regular Price: 213.50€

Special Price 128.10€

Sweatshirt and tank-top

Regular Price: 181.78€

Special Price 109.80€

Worker-style denim jumpsuit

Regular Price: 405.04€

Special Price 244.00€

Embroidered denim jacket

Regular Price: 420.90€

Special Price 252.54€

Jersey t-shirt

Regular Price: 102.48€

Special Price 62.22€

Cady dress with galaxy print

Regular Price: 298.90€

Special Price 180.56€

Plumetis tulle dress

Regular Price: 241.56€

Special Price 145.18€

Elegant georgette dress

Regular Price: 376.98€

Special Price 226.92€

T-shirt with patches and beads

Regular Price: 148.84€

Special Price 90.28€

Fleece jeans

Regular Price: 256.20€

Special Price 153.72€

Elegant georgette blouse

Regular Price: 237.90€

Special Price 142.74€

Velvet trousers

Regular Price: 176.90€

Special Price 106.14€

Multicolour wool beret

Regular Price: 91.50€

Special Price 54.90€

Lurex pullover

Regular Price: 146.40€

Special Price 87.84€

Lurex leggings

Regular Price: 164.70€

Special Price 98.82€

Flannel tartan shirt

Regular Price: 237.90€

Special Price 142.74€

Long hoodie

Regular Price: 140.30€

Special Price 84.18€

Chenille trousers

Regular Price: 106.14€

Special Price 64.66€

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