Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!

Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!


Monnalisa has thought of illuminating winter days with a fun and warm collection of coats, jackets, windbreakers and parkas for young and older girls, all original and full of style. Elegant coats, waisted jackets, blousant windbreakers and hyper feminine parkas for older girls. In our vast assortment, leather and fake leather jackets couldn’t be missing. These are revisited in rock version or made gentler with embroideries.

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Crêpe jacket with a bow

Regular Price: 193.98€

Special Price 117.12€

Bon ton coat

Regular Price: 390.40€

Special Price 235.46€

Eco-leather biker jacket

Regular Price: 323.30€

Special Price 193.98€

Elegant jeans jacket

Regular Price: 274.50€

Special Price 164.70€

Hound's tooth coat

Regular Price: 401.38€

Special Price 241.56€

Bouclé jacket

Regular Price: 363.56€

Special Price 218.38€

Two-tone coat with roses

Regular Price: 425.78€

Special Price 254.98€

Jean jacket with flowers

Regular Price: 225.70€

Special Price 136.64€

Milano stitch jersey jacket

Regular Price: 201.30€

Special Price 120.78€

Brocade jacket, calla lily print

Regular Price: 303.78€

Special Price 183.00€

Striped gabardine jacket

Regular Price: 128.10€

Special Price 76.86€

Ottoman jacket with flowers

Regular Price: 291.58€

Special Price 175.68€

Degradé jean jacket

Regular Price: 218.38€

Special Price 131.76€

Nylon hooded jacket

Regular Price: 131.76€

Special Price 79.30€

Jeans jacket, jungle motif

Regular Price: 161.04€

Special Price 97.60€

Jeans jacket, feather detail

Regular Price: 201.30€

Special Price 120.78€

Eco leather jacket, jungle print

Regular Price: 347.70€

Special Price 208.62€

Eco leather jacket

Regular Price: 215.94€

Special Price 130.54€

Striped ottoman jacket

Regular Price: 226.92€

Special Price 136.64€

Floral piquet jacket

Regular Price: 181.78€

Special Price 109.80€

Long jacket with roses

Regular Price: 280.60€

Special Price 168.36€

Piqué Redingote

Regular Price: 315.98€

Special Price 190.32€

Flared polka dot top

Regular Price: 157.38€

Special Price 95.16€

Studded jeans jacket

Regular Price: 237.90€

Special Price 142.74€

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