Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!

Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!


Collection of elegant and fashionable dresses for young and older girls: newborns to 16 yrs. Dresses, indispensable in every wardrobe, from the smallest to those for older girls, are Monnalisa’s points of strength. We have been astonishing generations of young and older girls for almost 50 years with fashionable dresses for moments of free time, classical for ceremonies and couture for special occasions. Perfect, versatile dresses in printed fabrics or embellished with applications and details. Choose amongst our vast selection of elegant winter and summer dresses for girls.

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11 years

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Panel dress with rhinestones

Regular Price: 401.38€

Special Price 281.82€

Charming lace dress

Regular Price: 213.50€

Special Price 151.28€

Pleated floral crepe dress

Regular Price: 230.58€

Special Price 162.26€

Neoprene dress

Regular Price: 225.70€

Special Price 162.26€

Sweatshirt fabric dress

Regular Price: 152.50€

Special Price 108.58€

Pinafore dress with sequins

Regular Price: 176.90€

Special Price 123.22€

Debrodè lace dress

Regular Price: 860.10€

Special Price 602.68€

Sweatshirt fabric hooded dress

Regular Price: 169.58€

Special Price 118.34€


Regular Price: 201.30€

Special Price 141.52€

Elegant dress with perfumes

Regular Price: 335.50€

Special Price 236.68€

Printed fleece dress

Regular Price: 164.70€

Special Price 115.90€

Swan print Mikado dress

Regular Price: 328.18€

Special Price 197.64€

Mikado dress, calla lily skirt

Regular Price: 425.78€

Special Price 256.20€

Lace dress fringed flounces

Regular Price: 268.40€

Special Price 161.04€

Tulle and rhinstones dress

Regular Price: 401.38€

Special Price 241.56€

Dress with fringes

Regular Price: 254.98€

Special Price 153.72€

Tulle dress calla lily embroidery

Regular Price: 486.78€

Special Price 292.80€

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