Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!

Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!

Happy Birthday

One of the most vivid moments of childhood is that of a birthday, with the ritual photo in front of a cake, with a smile on one’s lips and wearing a fully poetic dress. For a memorable day, dresses and clothing conceived for joyful moments such as birthdays, perfect to bring emotion on this such special day.

Hai scelto:

8 years

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Tricot shrug

Regular Price: 115.90€

Special Price 70.76€

Tank top with sequins

Regular Price: 145.18€

Special Price 87.84€

Poplin blouse with a logo

Regular Price: 120.78€

Special Price 76.86€

faux fur coat with a belt

Regular Price: 364.78€

Special Price 219.60€

Lycra tights with a logo

Regular Price: 35.38€

Special Price 21.96€

Top with sequins

Regular Price: 145.18€

Special Price 87.84€

Ribbed turtleneck top

Regular Price: 79.30€

Special Price 48.80€

Elegant jacquard dress

Regular Price: 378.20€

Special Price 226.92€

Panel dress with rhinestones

Regular Price: 401.38€

Special Price 241.56€

Tulle and sequin skirts

Regular Price: 195.20€

Special Price 117.12€

Flounced tulle skirt

Regular Price: 164.70€

Special Price 98.82€

T-shirt with patches and beads

Regular Price: 148.84€

Special Price 90.28€

Elegant georgette dress

Regular Price: 376.98€

Special Price 226.92€

Sweatshirt and tank-top

Regular Price: 181.78€

Special Price 109.80€

Neoprene dress

Regular Price: 225.70€

Special Price 139.08€

Knit tights

Regular Price: 59.78€

Special Price 35.38€

Lurex pullover

Regular Price: 146.40€

Special Price 87.84€

Velvet trousers

Regular Price: 176.90€

Special Price 106.14€

Jean jacket with a faux fur collar

Regular Price: 267.18€

Special Price 161.04€

Flannel tartan shirt

Regular Price: 237.90€

Special Price 142.74€

Short sweatshirt with rubber print

Regular Price: 98.82€

Special Price 59.78€

Polka dot tulle dress

Regular Price: 373.32€

Special Price 224.48€

Tights with polka dots

Regular Price: 80.52€

Special Price 48.80€

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