Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!

Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!

Merry Christmas


Hai scelto:


Beret with a pom pom

Regular Price: 96.38€

Special Price 67.10€

Lycra tights with a logo

Regular Price: 35.38€

Special Price 25.62€

Poplin blouse with a logo

Regular Price: 120.78€

Special Price 90.28€

Wool gloves with pom poms

Regular Price: 71.98€

Special Price 51.24€

Plissé skirt with sequins

Regular Price: 163.48€

Special Price 115.90€

Panel dress with rhinestones

Regular Price: 401.38€

Special Price 281.82€

Elegant romper

Regular Price: 201.30€

Special Price 141.52€

Pinafore dress with sequins

Regular Price: 176.90€

Special Price 123.22€

Embroidered headband

Regular Price: 73.20€

Special Price 51.24€

Jewel belt

Regular Price: 132.98€

Special Price 92.72€


Regular Price: 108.58€

Special Price 76.86€

Tulle collar

Regular Price: 30.50€

Special Price 20.74€

Belt with a coconut print

Regular Price: 59.78€

Special Price 41.48€

Printed T-shirt with lace

Regular Price: 157.38€

Special Price 111.02€

Angora wool cardigan

Regular Price: 164.70€

Special Price 115.90€

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