Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!

Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!


In the Monnalisa collection of skirts for young and older girls you find the best of fashion trends. Elegant and impeccable dresses for ceremonies. Short and fun skirts for the summer. Long and pencil skirts to look determined. Tulle skirts for parties with more glamour. Embroidered skirts for festive days.

Hai scelto:

9 years

Multilayered tulle skirt

Regular Price: 109.80€

Special Price 76.86€

Plissé skirt with sequins

Regular Price: 163.48€

Special Price 115.90€

Brocade skirt

Regular Price: 176.90€

Special Price 128.10€

Jean skirt with tulle

Regular Price: 179.34€

Special Price 125.66€

Checked cloth skirt

Regular Price: 181.78€

Special Price 128.10€

Jacquard skirt with perfumes

Regular Price: 291.58€

Special Price 204.96€

Elegant Mikado skirt

Regular Price: 241.56€

Special Price 145.18€

Lurex tulle tiered skirt

Regular Price: 437.98€

Special Price 263.52€

Hearts tulle skirt

Regular Price: 358.68€

Special Price 215.94€

Organza Dream Skirt

Regular Price: 829.60€

Special Price 497.76€

Mikado skirt with a print of lace and roses

Regular Price: 226.92€

Special Price 95.77€


Regular Price: 109.80€

Special Price 46.36€

Plissé grisaille skirt

Regular Price: 117.12€

Special Price 49.41€

Skirt FLORAL (Botanico)

Regular Price: 158.60€

Special Price 67.10€

Printed plissé skirt

Regular Price: 164.70€

Special Price 69.54€

Skirt GLAM (Rose+Tazzine)

Regular Price: 170.80€

Special Price 71.98€

Net fabric skirt with patches

Regular Price: 217.16€

Special Price 91.50€

Skirt BASICO (2-L)

Regular Price: 146.40€

Special Price 61.61€

Skirt BASICO (2-L)

Regular Price: 115.90€

Special Price 48.80€

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