Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!

Shipping cost 5 € worldwide. Free for orders over 300 €. Free returns!


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Suede ankle boots with beads

Regular Price: 296.46€

Special Price 215.94€

Patent sneakers with glitter details

Regular Price: 164.70€

Special Price 119.56€

High velvet boots

Regular Price: 273.28€

Special Price 191.54€

Wellies with spotted eco-fur details

Regular Price: 153.72€

Special Price 108.58€

Micro-glitter sneakers

Regular Price: 174.46€

Special Price 123.22€

Velvet shoes with bow

Regular Price: 191.54€

Special Price 140.30€

Glitter boots with velvet details

Regular Price: 283.04€

Special Price 206.18€

Suede shoes with beads

Regular Price: 178.12€

Special Price 130.54€

Eco-leather sneakers

Regular Price: 157.38€

Special Price 111.02€

Leather combat boots with sheepskin lining

Regular Price: 302.56€

Special Price 220.82€

Leather biker boots with buckles

Regular Price: 267.18€

Special Price 187.88€

Eco-leather sneakers with stars

Regular Price: 164.70€

Special Price 115.90€

Glitter ankle boots

Regular Price: 204.96€

Special Price 143.96€

Micro-glitter shoes

Regular Price: 170.80€

Special Price 125.66€

Glitter brogues with maxi bow

Regular Price: 197.64€

Special Price 143.96€

Glitter sabot shoes

Regular Price: 109.80€

Special Price 76.86€

Eco-leather sneakers with cartoon prints

Regular Price: 151.28€

Special Price 111.02€

Glitter ballerina flats with pompom

Regular Price: 217.16€

Special Price 158.60€

High sneakers with galaxy patches

Regular Price: 198.86€

Special Price 140.30€

Nappa leather sneakers

Regular Price: 123.22€

Special Price 86.62€

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