Small guests with perfect looks

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Small guests with perfect looks

First of all, greetings to everyone from Spain!  I also wish to thank  Monnalisa for keeping me in mind in order to collaborate with this new space.  We shall keep you updated in the areas of fashion, decoration and many other inspiring contents regarding  our  children’s world.

I consider myself lucky to be working in a field that I’m passionate about, “fashion”; mainly the area specializing in children’s wear.  In fact, in this first post, I would like you to see some very chic proposals for upcoming events.

One factor that will determine our choice shall be above all the degree of proximity that we have with the hosts.  The closer we are, the more attention we must pay to our children’s appearance.

With the arrival of spring, there are great advantages in comparison to winter events.   Days are longer and nights are warmer, which enables children to look better in their outfits.  They are able to do without coats, which mainly conceal the girls’ lovely dresses.

We must look for things that our children like and always try to reach an agreement at the time of choosing their garments. This attitude is key in order for both sides to be happy at the end of a shopping day.

The latest trends are displayed by the Monnalisa collections, which are very complete and full of details that embrace the rays of the sun as well as the summer evenings.

Striking colours such as yellow, give way to floral prints which are iconic of the firm because they enhance girls’ femininity. With matching shoes, they look beautiful and  chic from head to toes.

For boys, blazers of impeccable cut are key, just as the ones presented by Hitch-Hiker this season.  When choosing trousers, baring ankles is a go.  Look at the pictures and get easily inspired.


As mentioned previously, every detail must be taken into account.  Therefore, we cannot leave hairdos to chance.  Monnalisa has thought of accessories which get inevitably zoomed into.  They may also represent the focus of attention of our girls’ style.

There is also the eternal doubt, skirt or trousers for girls? Each one of them develops a preference for either garment as they grow.  We cannot  ignore their taste, and this is not an impediment either in the choices that any of them make.

I love skirts with fringes made of finely knit strips.   It is also great that tulle tutus are still in their boom.  The advantage of these is that they can be worn either to add a sophisticated touch or to look more casual.  This can be achieved by simply changing the type of shoes, accessories and top.

With all this information, I hope I have been of guidance  in the choice of your children’s  outfits.  There is something that you should always keep in mind: children always seek comfort but… let’s not forget about style.

Have a happy day ♥

Carolina Simó

La casita de Martina * Spain


Carolina Simò

Carolina Simò: Carolina Simó from Spain Fashion consultant * Stylist * Personal Shopper Kids - Ceo & Founder, and Blogger in La casita de Martina But my life, my world... is my daughter.

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