Patience Mamy June Horoscope

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Patience Mamy June Horoscope

You must have already noticed, moms of Gemini children, that your children adore the summer, light and less cumbersome clothes, having their bare feet touch the sand and the grass, and above all, the air of holidays. It is not a coincidence that they were born around the end of school! So, free reign for whatever they want to wear from June to September, but keep in mind t-shirts, shorts, palm prints, jungle style and sailor stripes. Lively colours are what Gemini children prefer, even creased t-shirts are ok… In short, the “take it easy” rule is in full effect.



You really envy those moms that leave for the seaside on June 30 and do not get seen around town before mid-September. They even return after school has already started and blame it on the weather being so beautiful that the kids did not want to come back (the children!!). Well, for once, the only thing you want to think about this June is what costume goes well with the kids’ toy bag.

Patience Score: 3/5



School hasn’t ended yet mom, and you have already purchased all the books on the summer holidays homework list. You have also flipped through the pages and made a daily plan so that by September they will be ready…for university!!! The combination of Mars and Mercury in your favour gives you a cooler of active energy that you are not used to, Taurus mom!

Patience Score: 4/5



You shall be the “picnic mom” in this May’s horoscope. You shall be the one who jumps around as of Thursday afternoon trying to get the other mums to make pastries with seasonal vegetables and carrot cupcakes and the one who sets an appointment for Saturday morning at 11 at the park. Once there, you have obviously already organized flag stealing and treasure hunt games. It’s impossible to take the smile off your face!

Patience Score: 5/5



Full of energy is putting it lightly, Cancer mom. You abandon that print of your body that you’ve left on the sofa that you usually cherish so much. We will even see you dash off with a scooter followed by your little ones on their bikes with their training wheels! Once you stop, you will start chatting and singing cartoon songs at the top of your lungs. The summer truly does you good!

Patience Score: 4/5



You are already crying about your kids’ end-of-year play Leone mom. Because you know you’re fine and in one piece until you stop to think that your little ones are really getting quite big. On the other hand, however, you voluntarily dissociate yourself and without any credible justification from the other volunteer moms, you cook cakes for the buffet. But you do offer to replenish the cash fund, in case you ever need it!

Patience Score: 4/5



I hope that none of the people living under your roof think that now that school is over, they can just laze around the house!! With you, Virgin mom, and with Venus turned around, the end of school celebrations don’t last very long and those alarm clocks will not be getting snoozed. No sir!!

Patience Score: 2/5



What luck, Libra mom, that in the month of June when your horoscope predicts continuous distractions, school is ending. In other words, even with Mercury out of place I could not do much damage! At most, you’ll arrive late to the recital or forget to free your cell phone memory to record the whole show from start to finish. But we’ll forgive you, with that girlish smile you have!

Patience Score: 3/5



You can’t wait to register your children for all the summer courses on offer in your local area, from the gym to the beach baths. From kids ping pong to the scuba course in the small pool, they will be all yours and you want to show your little ones that mom sets a good example, so you’ll enrol too. But will it drive you crazy? No, the blame (or merit!) can be put on Mars.

Patience Score: 4/5



You are already anxious about the end of school, Sagittarius mom! You have already called all your friends to create groups for creative afternoons with games and making animals out of bread for the children. The vast number of baby sitters makes you fall in love faster than if it were with Brad Pitt and leave your phone number with all of them without even thinking about your colleagues’ older daughters. You’re going to miss the normal routine.

Patience Score: 2/5



Luckily, it’s summer and you can loosen up on the rules a little bit, just like the zippers on your little ones’ jackets, Capricorn mom. You already feel really exhausted and every time the alarm goes off you think of a couple of excuses for not going to school. We will also see you invent a stomach ache or put the thermometer in the coffee cup. Hold on, it’s almost vacation time!

Patience Score: 2/5



You have the patience of a summer school educator, Aquarius mom. So much so that even on weekends at the beach instead of flipping through magazines and listening to music through your earphones, we will see you busy building sand castles so structured that you’ll have to pay property tax on them! But what a beauty … and, you know, your children love your creativity!

Patience Score: 5/5



You’re pawing the ground like a filly in the starting blocks to pick up your children’s report cards, be proud like a peacock in mating season and wave them in the faces of your friends and colleagues until the end of July. Of course, noting that Mercury is in your favour, we’ll probably even hear you question the teachers to see if they are prepared or advise them on some in-depth text under the umbrella.

Patience Score: 4/5

Styled by Simona Valentini e Susanna Roderi
Pictures by Alessandro Lo Faro



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