Patience Mamy Horoscope December 2018

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Patience Mamy Horoscope December 2018



You, Mama Ares, will most definitely win first prize for the best impersonation of Father Christmas, and for just being good company. You will think of everyone, enthused by the Christmas spirit as never before: from milk for the reindeer and biscuits for the elves who lower the presents down the chimney, to the glass of sherry for the grandfather who’s been obliged to wait out on the balcony in a red costume, waiting for the children to finally distract themselves enough so that he can finally enter! What more is there to say? Things will either go well or badly for you in December. But I know they will go well.

Patience Score: 4/5



If it were possible to rent out a doppelganger mother for the evening routines, from teeth-brushing to reading the bedtime stories, you would do it without hesitation. Then you would arrive, in the flesh, for the goodnight kisses and then for the good morning ones too! Patience will not be your forte this December, so we warn you that you could go ballistic at the first tantrum thrown over getting into pyjamas, or at the alternative ending that you have given Snow White. But hey, who’s the boss? You’ll often have to remind yourself!

Patience Score: 2/5



You are very, very worried about how you are going to plan this month of December, mama Gemini. Honestly, you were beginning to like the routine and now that the energies of Mars have abandoned you, you feel as spent as the remote-controlled car that has been sitting on the terrace since the end of October. You are really wondering how you are going to face the grand tour of lunches and dinners with the relatives, colleagues and schoolfriends. You are certainly not going to put your hand up when they look for someone to prepare the cakes and tramezzino sandwiches!

Patience Score: 3/5



This December, you are working harder than one of the elves in Father Christmas’ workshop. You are one of the few mothers to prance about from as early as the beginning of the month, eager to go into the cellar and come out with the tree, decorations, baubles, lights for indoors and outdoors, and even broomstick-riding, almost life-sized befanas. No job is too great, never mind that of the endless Christmas celebrations, whether dance lessons and karate classes at school, or the school performance for all ages. On the contrary, you happily volunteer to organise the fibre-rich banquet. I am sure that Father Christmas will have some wonderful gifts for you!

Patience Score: 5/5



You will probably wonder, mother Leo, if mothers too are allowed to write a letter to Father Christmas, or if that chubby old man works only on behalf of elf-high human beings who aren’t yet able to pronounce the letter R. Because you would most certainly have a long wish-list, not least a 24-hour-a-day babysitter so that your maternal duties would be limited to choosing the tutu for the little girl or to cheering from the sidelines at the game of mini basketball. Let’s just say that, according to this December horoscope, your qualities will be well hidden in the middle of the presepe, and like the Child, you will only begin to live towards the end of the year.

Patience Score: 2/5



Needless to say, Mama Virgo, you have already bought everything, with neither modesty nor sympathy for the other mothers, who are breathless from running to the shops. Online buying, with home delivery and guaranteed return, has of course got you the best deals in Europe. All in all, then, you are happy with yourself and you can turn your back on the packages with great satisfaction…but above all, you derive a certain pleasure from lying on the sofa, thinking about the struggles of others! And who will be the mother who remains empty-handed? Next year they will have to ask for help from their Virgo friends. In September, obviously!

Patience Score: 3/5



You are slightly anxious about how you perform with the presents, mama Libra. Everyone knows that you have never liked making a fool of yourself and that every year you can’t be bothered with your friends’ race to post Instagram photos of all the presents under the tree. This time, though, you will give it your all! So not only will your house bear so much resemblance to those in the design magazines that you propose leaving out some plates for the reindeer, but the presents will be greeted by cries of joy which continue to New Year. Enjoy it all!

Patience Score: 3/5



Well, this month you should enjoy your patience score to the full, as if you were pirouetting on the ice in the Winter Olympics better than Carolina Kostner, then standing in first place on the podium. You will practically hear the national anthem in the background every time that you run, early, down the corridors of the asylum and arrive to pick up your children who will run, overjoyed, to meet you at four o’clock, still blissfully unaware of the spots of the sauce on their mouths since lunchtime. You are both good and fortunate in this December horoscope. What more could you want?

Patience Score: 5/5



I would think, Sagittarius, that in December you will enjoy yourself a fair bit, because your threats carry a lot of power and your promises to reward the good mean that much is at stake. Overall, Father Christmas and the Befana are used as bribes or warnings, and they really must be sweating with anxiety! And, until at least the 24th of the month, it seems to work perfectly…so all Montesori’s precepts of education can go hang; you prefer seeing a sitting room free of dolls and toy cars, and hands as clean as Ariel’s!

Patience Score: 3/5



How much fun you will have this December! How sweet will taste the ginger biscuits, shaped like the do-it-yourself Hansel-and-Gretel houses sold by Ikea. It will be almost halfway through the festive month that you really begin to enjoy yourself – yes, you who normally love Mondays as much as the start of September. So, enjoy the mornings in bed and the afternoons on the sofa, watching the same cartoon for the hundred-millionth time. But you won’t miss a scene!

Patience Score: 4/5



We can prove, Mama Aquarius, that this year too the Christmas Spirit keeps as far away from you as the salad at the feast. You have to laugh at your mother-in-law’s choice of table decorations, which your children could have done better with toasted mandarins and holly berries! And then, apart from doing the presepe, you will be compelled to listen to the little cousin as he stands on the sofa to deliver a faulty poetry recital. You are, however, the mother who is most eager to have a race on the new electric toy car track!

Patience Score: 2/5



It will be a December, mama Pisces, of easy, emotional tears to compete with those of Goldilocks! From the Christmas play to the Gospel choir, from the little lights at the window to the presents handmade by the schoolchildren, it will all release in you a sensitivity as soft as pandoro dough. And so off we go with long thank-you letters, even in response to packet containing season’s greetings and chewing gum, as if you were writing to save the polar monk seals.

Patience Score: 4/5



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