Patience Mamy Horoscope January 2019

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Patience Mamy Horoscope January 2019



Apart from the fact, Ares, that you categorically refuse to be caught up in the usual rush of Christmas holiday housework, all in the two days before the start of term, apart from that you will be the perfect mother. For once, in fact, you won’t even feel like taking down the tree and packing up the decorations and coloured lights – you’re sweeter than the last remaining slice of pandoro!

Patience Score: 5/5



For you, Taurus, this January horoscope begins with a list of New Year’s resolutions, to observed well into Spring. But given that Mercury is imbuing you with wisdom, you will stick on the fridge a table of chores and their respective rewards, such as would make the Agenzia delle entrate jealous! For example, putting away your toys is worth two euros, but putting away yours and your sister’s is worth five, to be paid directly! It’s good to give them responsibility at an early age!

Patience Score: 3/5



The Christmas spirit, with all its resolutions of patience and loving cuddles, has already disappeared like Befana on her broomstick. You can blame Venus, who makes you hope that, among the group of mothers who meet to chat in the café after school starts, there will be no one who asks about the number of calories that you consumed over the holidays. You might become as friendly as the Grinch!

Patience Score: 2/5



You’ll be advertising for a doppelgänger from the 1st January until at least when Mars swings back in your favour (i.e. mid-February) to do all the things that require any kind of organisation or effort. From bathroom shopping to washing the dark clothes, you grumble about everything and are looking to delegate the chores to husbands, babysitters and even nearby in-laws!

Patience Score: 2/5



Jupiter is there on the inside and the outside, Leo, and you feel as happy and buoyant as one of Father Christmas’ little helpers, who can finally go on holiday until the earliest letters arrive from the children next year! So, in order to lighten the return to school and the Marines-style assault course that includes everything from dance lessons to obligatory preschool meetings, you decide that it’s a good moment to book the summer holidays. To be precise, an all-inclusive resort with a 24-hour-a-day babysitter!

Patience Score: 5/5



You can’t wait for your cubs to return with their corrected Christmas homework, because you feel that this time you deserve a real A*! But let’s be honest, Virgo, you don’t feel too tired to dedicate yourself to times tables and illustrated myths of Ancient Egypt, because thanks to Venus you didn’t feel like cuddles and cinammon biscuits on the sofa with the works of Dickens!

Patience Score: 3/5



Tired, wrung-out, you almost feel like one of Father Christmas’ reindeer, who can at least now recover from the workload. Well do I know how courteous and elegant you are, Libra, but I also know that nobody’s heart will leap higher than yours at the sound of the first school bell of January! So yes, we will understand if once you’ve dropped your tearful little ones off with the teacher, you escape to the bar to order a hot chocolate and cream with a dash of vodka!

Patience Score: 3/5



Patience Score: 4/5



It will be the first time, Sagittarius, that we see even you with the big bright eyes of a Japanese cartoon character, when you take your little one to school again after the Christmas break. Thanks to Venus, who is making you sweet as a gingerbread man, you could have kept building Lego and designing Barbie outfits until the end of March!

Patience Score: 5/5



January begins immediately with pre-registration anxiety, Capricorn. In fact, let’s just admit it, anxiety in general! Whether it’s signing them up for a new year of swimming lessons (for which, let’s not forget, you still have seven months) or for primary school is of little importance: moved by an argumentative spirit, you will make use of all the structures you need, asking embarrassing questions to prove your personal authority and test that of those you meet. It’s all Mars’ fault!
If you want to make a gift to a little Capricorn, you can always go for a little coat, and not just because it’s the perfect season for it! Even young Capricorns are famous for a solid, buttoned look, well covered by a layer of coloured or decorated fabric. It won’t be easy to let your children undo the buttons to show you their hearts…but at least they will make you feel the warmth under the coat!

Patience Score: 2/5



Loaded like a train in the children’s playroom, you want to enjoy yourself so much that in the evening you try to convince them to take part in demanding Babydance sessions and games of ‘sacco pieno sacco vuoto’; it’s enough to make a Crossfit instructor jealous. You don’t lack energy and you even volunteer to blow up all the balloons for the back-to-school party. With you mouth!

Patience Score: 4/5



With it being as cold as a snowdoll in a snowball, we don’t expect you, Pisces, to panic about packing up baubles and decorations and returning to everyday life. Wanting nothing more to do with Christmas, you throw away the leftovers and start talking about the end of year school trip or dance recital. Thanks to Venus, you won’t mind drawing up a list of New Year’s resolutions, and even sign up for a new term of aquagym!

Patience Score: 4/5



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