Patience Mamy Horoscope July 2019

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Patience Mamy Horoscope July 2019

With a Cancer you can really let loose (especially with girls!) with all shades of pink. Tiny and delicate flowers, lace, broderie anglaise and above all romantic appliqués. Cancers love soft colors and delicate patterns: for boys, the classic combination of below-the-knee dark blue shorts with a white buttoned shirt just like dad’s! Here, you’re really dealing with mini moms and dads who will have fun dressing like you…how about a dress like yours, dear moms, for a special occasion?



You dream of spending an afternoon in the pool floating on a rainbow-shaped lilo, but instead you find yourself chasing the little ones around the edge of the public pool shouting ‘don’t run, you’ll slip’, just as your mother did with you. And to think you had promised yourself not to be like her…but we all fall into that trap!

Patience Score: 2/5



The idea of exploiting the half hours that you are granted by the summer camp bells that ring later than the school ones to go for a run doesn’t interest you. Instead, you tidy up all the children’s toys, including the slime that has gotten stuck to the bottom of their flipflops. Let’s just not talk about working hard, ok???

Patience Score: 4/5



You are as patient as the mom who is willing to read the same story at the same time for the hundred-millionth time: the intimate story of the bathroom break. This month, it happens that thanks to Venus you will submit to this torture without apology, but thanks to Mars, you will find the strength to invent a different ending, at least!

Patience Score: 3/5



You would spend hours and hours, Cancer mom, braiding the hair of your girls and their dolls, combing mini pony’s manes and making colourful tufts to put in their hair. No mom knows better than you how important it is to make yourself beautiful, pamper yourself and take care of yourself…do you also teach refresher courses for other moms?

Patience Score: 5/5



Not a lot of talking and lots of marble tournaments on the beach! From bargaining to get the fastest ball and challenging the position of the balls right up to the last centimetre, to the controversy over the holes in the ground on the playing field, it’s all you, Leo mom. Everyone around you will think that you grew up winning, you’ll have this undisputed reputation even with the older kids. You are proud, but actually, this month it’s thanks to Mars being in your favour!

Patience Score: 3/5



You are loving and very sweet, even now that school is finished you volunteer to bake the sugar-free and fat-free cakes for the swimming course teachers! In short, you need to feel that you still have a lot to do and that nobody knows how to take care of the teachers as well as you. Don’t worry, soon we will have to re-elect the class leader and you can become a candidate like Clinton!

Patience Score: 4/5



Kids screaming on the beach annoy you just like the sand that sticks to your sun cream does! Thanks to Venus you’re really willing to enroll in the scuba diving course just to get away from all that noise and finally have some time with your own thoughts. Of course, a face scrub session would be better, but adapt!

Patience Score: 2/5



Getting angry will be practically impossible…unless you’re woken up from your beloved nap, which will be even better if you’re under the big umbrella! On the other hand, you will take the rest with a smile: from your freshly painted tempera nails to your high-heeled shoes that you use as a weapon when the kids are fighting!

Patience Score: 4/5



You overdo everything, Sagittarius mom! When your children throw a tantrum and ask you for a toy you will get them two and when at 11pm they come out of their room full of life saying that they would like to draw a superhero, you draw one with a cape made of real hair! You are very good but above all you are tireless…it could be to do with summer, or it could be Mars but your days end very late and usually with dolls in your hands, but you don’t lose your smile even for a few minutes.

Patience Score: 3/5



You can’t even find peace in knowing that the mothers’ chat will be muted for at least two months! You huff loudly at every whingey cry from the kids as you know that they just call “mom” because they haven’t done it for a while, just to keep tensions high. You’ll puff worse than a steam engine when it comes to cleaning faces!

Patience Score: 2/5



You will try every legal excuse to escape from the kids’ tantrums. Because of Mars your patience has really hit historical lows, but it still stays within the limits of the law! Because of the games out of the basket you are ready to declare war on the entire staff at your children’s nursery, even their university…don’t worry, we understand you very well but I think it is better to invest a few more euros in a Mary Poppins-type babysitter. Only this month, hey!!!

Patience Score: 2/5



You are happy being the mom who has been gifted two hours of spa with baby sitter included (outside the spa!)…other than shopping, this is the real luxury! And good, the beauty of it is that you won’t feel even a touch of guilt, I’m proud of you.

Patience Score: 5/5

Styled by Simona Valentini e Susanna Roderi
Pictures by Alessandro Lo Faro



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