Patience Mamy Horoscope May 2019

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Patience Mamy Horoscope May 2019

If you’re looking to make a Taurus child happy, you’re going to have to give them the impression that they’re in a flowery meadow or on a farm with lots of different animals. Linen and light fabrics are needed but also wellies so that they’re ready to jump into puddles after those summer storms. Red and blue vichy squares, straw bags, prints with countryside animals from roosters to kittens and many, many flowers that explode on sweaters and dresses, flourishing just like spring – their season! Oh, and don’t forget straw or lace hats, perfect for a little nap in the shade of a big tree!



You’re all kisses and cuddles and your kids already know how dramatic it is going to be when they ask you to drop them off one hundred metres from the school gates. I don’t know if you will be able to survive the blow, Aries mother!

Patience Score: 5/5



Mother, oh how you would like to raise your hand in the front row! Yes, you, who as a child on the back row would camouflage yourself with the maps on the walls, are now such a nerd that you grill your kids even when they’re at football practice!

Patience Score: 4/5



Fast and active, this story of spring is getting out of hand: you take the kids to school running, you ride a scooter in the supermarket aisles, you volunteer for volleyball tournaments at school at the drop of a hat…with a dose of competition even against the little ones!!!

Patience Score: 5/5



You’re sulking, Cancer mother! It will be your kids who will promise to be good, to brush their teeth without any fuss and who will bring you chocolate ice cream if you crack even the smallest of smiles! Come on…

Patience Score: 2/5



I won’t tell the teachers, Leo mother, that you’re the one who, winking mischievously, proposes to the little ones that they spend the afternoon barefoot in the park rather than doing their homework…naughty!

Patience Score: 3/5



Creative recycling is all you, Virgo mother! There isn’t a plastic bottle in sight that won’t be turned in to some sort of musical instrument or an old tea towel that won’t be made in to a doll’s new outfit. Beautiful and well done!

Patience Score: 3/5



I know it’s not up to you, but Venus isn’t helping and Mars is making you competitive even with the school cook. We’ll see you screaming from the side of the swimming pool…while your daughter is doing her best in the float race with her armbands!

Patience Score: 3/5



This month, Scorpio mother, you need to realise that you are going to be careless and you will even dog-ear the pages of the fairy-tale books on purpose…despicable! But It’s ok, for someone like you who is a control freak, a bit of colouring outside of the lines will do you some good!

Patience Score: 3/5



All you want to do is chat in bed, eat ice cream on a park bench while recounting the day and read fairy-tales with invented endings at the top of your voice! Nobody will be able to shut you up, but they won’t be able to stop hugging you tightly, either!

Patience Score: 4/5



You willingly offer to take the kids to the planetarium because having your feet on the ground but your head in the stars will be your peculiar beauty during this period…take the opportunity to give yourself a bit of intellectual spirit!

Patience Score: 2/5



You’re so beautiful, Aquarius mother, even in the mornings when you seem to be directing traffic around the bypass or commanding a group of workers around a construction site. Everything is super organised without a single mistake. How do you do it???

Patience Score: 4/5



To convince yourself to put a wash on, you have to be down to your last pair of socks, Pisces mother. This month all you want is to be put to bed with the same attention that your daughter gives to her favourite doll…it will pass!

Patience Score: 3/5

Styled by Simona Valentini e Susanna Roderi
Pictures by Alessandro Lo Faro



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