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“Would you like an adventure now,” asked Peter Pan, “or would you like to have your tea first?” “Tea first.” Wendy said.
Peter Pan

Organising a tea party is an original way to spend a different kind of afternoon. One without electronic games or television, without sugary snacks or rushing around. Instead with porcelain teacups, pastries and macarons, where sharing and creativity are the main ingredients.


We enjoy sipping tea and creating daisies out of paper.

What do you need for the flowers?
Sheets of white paper (but be imaginative, too)


The smaller children can make rolls using the yellow paper and leave it to the bigger kids to cut out the petals using scissors. This is a team game to create a vase full of flowers, even in the middle of winter while thinking and dreaming of next spring.


“The lazy daisies love the peaceful life they lead…”
Alice in Wonderland, 1951


For styling and inspiration:
Photography by


Paola Maresca

Paola Maresca: She is inventive and curious and searches for ever new inspirations so that the events she organizes will always remain in the guests’ hearts. She puts great enthusiasm and dedication in creating the image and in directing every party, making each moment even more evocative thanks to extraordinary shows and performers. The signature style, the graphic projects, the creation of the decorative elements, selection of location, menu and entertainment in her events are all valuable steps that she follows personally, from conception to the final realization.

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