Paris is always a good idea

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Paris is always a good idea

We’ve been to Paris few times now. Every time we plan to come just for the weekend but we finally end up staying 7-10 days! It’s just not possible to be there and not go to all those places we love. It’s too much to see in just 2 week end days and trust me, you don’t want to visit Paris in a rush. The best way to visit this city is in SLOW motion. Forget about quick Italian expresso, drinking while standing at the counter. If you want to feel like a real Parisian you have to slow down and have your coffee siting at the street table and drinking it for at least an hour 🙂

When we’re in Paris we always start with the magical world of Disneyland. It is always a great time for all of us. I feel like a little girl again and the kids are just in heaven surrounded by their favourite cartoon characters…

But Vivi &Oli also enjoy Paris by just walking around and having as many crepes and macarons as they can. Slowly, we always visit our favourite museums like the amazing Museum of Rodin with its great gardens, or the kids’ favourites: the Natural History Museum and  the Museum of Paleontology or Minerals.

They are all in one place so we usually spend the whole day there. We go to the Luxemburg Gardens to have lunch on a bench and play at a great big playground….. we go to Boulevard St Germaine for shopping, and walking in Mont Marte, we go to Notre Dame and to the flower market. This time we even went to the Louvre (!), but only because Vivi & Oli are big Ancient Egypt fans …. but…. it was our first time on the top of the Eiffel tower !!! And I have no idea why we didn’t do it before. Such amazing views !!! And more than that we spent a few hours there, up in the sky.. There is a little cinema to watch short films about the tower, a restaurant, and many places to just walk and sit and relax and gift shops. We only made it to the second level, but it was enough to have all the great view of Paris.













Next time we will take You to Poland with us and I will show you the traditional Polish Christmas Market in beautiful City of KRAKOW ! 🙂

Stay tuned 🙂


Katarzyna Przydryga

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